Monday, August 23, 2010

"Moon" and "Prickly"

Here are 2 of my latest girl drawings.

"Moon", Pencil Sketch

"Moon" CU, Pencil Sketch

"Prickly", Pencil Sketch

"Prickly" CU, Pencil Sketch

Hope they didn't shock you too much. :)

When I started my girl drawings about a month ago, I imagined I would have loads of fun making up clothes for them.  But as soon as my pencil move to below neck line ... well you can see what have been happening from the above drawings!

I have to admit that I was in quite a shock initially, but after the first nude girl drawing (which I didn't include in this post), the resistance was gone. I found myself enjoying drawing them quite a lot!

As much as the girls brought me joy, they also touched on the fear associates with being a creative person.

I have hesitation to post them.  I worry about how people would react to them and if the drawings would change how people think of me.  (Not that I have any status and / or reputation to maintain.) Ultimately, it is fear of rejection to my drawing (hence me), which have me holding onto the drawings for some time.

But that's exactly the point. Unless I give up my creativity, rejection and acceptance come with the territory.  

To me, creativity is about freedom, the free will to follow my intuition and instinct to create.

So there you go, the fear is gone ...

As usual, my fellow bloggers and creatives, what do you think of my girls?


Cameron said...

Gorgeous...and you know, I've changed my subjects over time, as well. Initially all my mermaids were nude (why would they need modesty in the ocean?)....but there is resistance to uncovered skin.

I think nudes are beautiful, especially women, but not everyone does....and I find the more whimsical and the less dark my art leans to...the more mainstream it becomes...

I like you a bit dark...makes me want to bite you! Haha...

WrightStuff said...

I wouldn't worry about these things. What you are creating is clearly art and celebrating the beauty of the female figure. I'm taking Suzi Blu's mermaid class and doubt all of my creations will be wearing Armani! I really like Moon - that setting is fabulous - time to get the paints out now!!

EVA said...

They are lovely! I think the lack of clothes calls attention to the intricate faces and hair.

You did a great job of these! Are you thinking of adding colour at some point?

Also like the pricklies, and especially the Moon!

Leone said...

I love these. And the nakedness is not shocking at all but possibly a metaphor for letting go of your fear of showing yourself through your art. Keep up the wonderful work, I so enjoy your art.

Evelyn said...

I love the sensitivity that is part of your work. I don't mind the girls in the nude at all. Love the clouds too in the top most image.

Sandy Coleman said...


Thanks for letting go of the fear and sharing these with us. I love the sweetness of these. They seem both provocative and innocent.

xinme said...

I totally understand what you mean about fear of rejection as a creative person -- it gets me every time I create something! But you have reason to be proud -- both for overcoming your fear and putting your work out there AND because your work is lovely! I'm all about modesty in everyday life, but there's nothing offensive about your girls. I think Leone might be onto something in terms of the metaphor . . .:)

Thank you for stopping by my blog -- I so appreciate your affirmation of MY creativity because, as I said, I can relate ;)

avocadoandlemon said...

I think they're lovely!

I don't know why I haven't thought of this before, but have you ever thought of going along to a life drawing class or evening? In my suburb in Sydney they run them in a local pub (upstairs in a room that's closed off -- not nearly as seedy as it sounds). I've been a few times, and it's really a wonderful learning experience.

A little bit odd, at first, looking at a naked person in real life, but then they just become something you're drawing.

What do you think?

Chapter Forty said...

Your girls are simply beautiful and show your talents off. I used to do life drawing (Nudes) classes with my Dad, that was weird, and kind of scary at first, but i have no regrets about it. I am so glad you overcame any fear you felt. Fear can be such a disabler.

Kim said...

i think it's so wonderful that you went where the pencil led you!! That's huge!

i think the subjects stand on their own but it IS intriguing to me knowing the artist's story how they seem to represent you vulnerable, yet strong, stripped of your fears.

Julia Christie said...

I think these are both wonderful. I did a lot of nudes when I first started drawing people, it was very freeing. I think you have done an amazing job here. This is so fun watching you get better and better.


Julia Christie said...

I think these are both wonderful. I did a lot of nudes when I first started drawing people, it was very freeing. I think you have done an amazing job here. This is so fun watching you get better and better.


KatW said...

Nothing offensive at all about these drawings - they are beautiful. As it turns out I was drawn into the faces & didn't really register the nudity until reading the post. Lol. You have wonderful expression in the faces - those eyes seemed to draw me in and make me wonder about the character behind the drawing.

As always, I'm in complete admiration of people who can draw life. I'm creative & artisitic but I struggle with even a stick man.
Kat :-)

linda said...

just wanted to say your girl drawings are beautiful!