Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Worse Before Coming Back ...

Before things started to get better, it had to get worse ...

My mobile phone handed in its resignation (with immediate effect) last Friday. I got myself a new mobile phone (with built-in camera) over the weekend. :)

And with this, the tide finally turned.

After a rather painful deep tissue message / manipulation by my chiropractor, I'm having less neck and back pain. Mobility is gradually coming back.

The laptop came back from the repairer with about 80% function. That's fine as it is quite an old laptop. I'm trying not to work it too much so that it could last for another 12 months or so before I switch to Mac.

I've quickly whipped up a very small drawing (below) for the
dream project of Art House Co Op. It will be among Art House's permanent collection.

"Birdie", silver & white gel pens, 13cm (w) x 9cm (h)

So I'm slowly getting back ...

For everyone who sent loving / supportive comments and wonderful emails, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your wonderful friendship work magic on my very stiff neck and back

You gals are natural-born healers! xxoo


miruspeg said...

Great news on all fronts Hybrid!
Love does make the world go round.
Your "birdie" looks a bit nonplussed but I do like it.
Big hugs
Peggy xxx

Cameron said...

You may need regular massages to feel lasting benefits...but heat and stretching will help in the interim...just listen to your body, don't over do it :)

I'm so glad to have you back! I've missed you :oP

KatW said...

I'm glad that things are starting to improve. I know what living with bad health can be like & understand how pain can drag you down. So pleased that you're on the mend.

I love your "Birdie" picture. It is perfect in its simple black & white/silver. Really lovely.

Hope you continue to improve & fast.
Take care
Kat X

EVA said...

Very very nice! And even nicer to hear you are feeling better and back to creating!

Leone said...

As always, I love your picture. Nice to see you back and happy to hear things are improving for you. Take care.