Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year (Belated)

A belated Happy New Year and hope that all you had a nice break!

Apart from taking the whole X'mas week off (i.e. doing nothing, except eat, sleep and TV), I've been spending the last week experimenting with pen & ink drawing plus learning how to apply ink wash. It's difficult and tricky. I'm hoping that with more time and practice, I'll get better. And then I would be able to post some of my latest drawings.

Til then ...
here are some more pix from my last X'mas Giveaway. Enjoy!

1) For Sarah (left) and Leone (right).

2) For Barbara

3) For Angie

4) For Megg

1 comment:

Leone said...

More happy, whimsical zentangles. They make me smile, you really have found a niche!