Monday, January 18, 2010

Computer Problem Continued ...

Just so you know I'm still experiencing problem of using my laptop to post comment on other blogs.

Basically, unless the bloggers had set the comment as "pop up" window, otherwise, I'm unable to get the link and post the comment from my laptop. I think it might relate to the security setting of my laptop and unfortunately, I just don't know how to fix it.

For those bloggers who use "embedded" comment (i.e. you click the "comment" link and the comment box appears below your post and other comments), I'm relying the PC at my office to respond.

I'm extremely frustrated and at my wits end ...

Sorry, just have to let the steam out!!!


Leone said...

No offense at all. Sounds great if we discuss it again later in the year. It is just such a unique and intriguing picture and I am really enamoured with pink roses and rosebuds lately. Hope you get your computer fixed soon.

miruspeg said...

I can feel your frustration! I googled the problem which I think you did as well and read quite a few people as having the same problem. :(
Hopefully a solution will come forth very soon.

Thanks for adding to the conversation over at my blog. I know I intentionally avoid so many things that would help my spiritual growth as they require alot of effort.

Sarah said...

Hmmmmm I will have to see what mine not sister has this problem with some blogs too!
Sorry you are having trouble you computer...ackkkk!! Hugs!
I sent off your little treat last week..hope ya like it..I just love is up in my display shelf!! Have a better week hon!!
Hugs, Sarah