Friday, October 2, 2009

I Don't Want To Be Your Mug!

Hmm ... a bit of a difficult time for me to blog.

I blame it to my character fault. Lots of people, both men and women, all say that females are born to multi-task. Well, not this one here. I might be good at multi-task at work(??) but not in my creative life.

Right now, my mind is working on overdrive to sort out story ideas for NaNo. On the one hand, I'd like to use NaNo to finish STOS. On the other hand, a new story idea has been cropping up several times the last few weeks wanting to be written. I quite like it and it has lots of potentials. Because of this idea war, I don't have spare head space for other creative activities, including blogging. So I think I'll post less until I'm in better (mind) shape.

But here is something for you, my fellow bloggers and creatives.

This morning I woke up with this in my mind: "I don't want to be your mug!"

I'm offering you this as a cue to your next creative project, whether it be a story or doodles. Feel free to use is in whatever way you like.

It would be nice if you could leave a comment or a link to let me know what you do with it. I've been thinking just who would say such weird thing and why.

Cheers and have a nice weekend!

P.S. Now you know why I claim that I'm a writer of strange tales. I constantly have this kind of weird phrase going in and out of my mind. :)


M.M.E. said...

I hope your book is going well! I know how hard NaNo can be on people. I'm just happy I have a semester to polish up my children's novella. I totally understand about crazy tales though, my novella is called, "Harietta and the Horticultural Witch."

WrightStuff said...

Ooh, another challenge... you know I can't resist!!!!