Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hybrid Tangles & Salvador Dali

Another Sunday for the Hybrid Tangles.

I did two this week. I believe this one was too busy, like I was trying too hard.

This one's a lot better, espeically when I put it along side Salvador Dali's "Tail Bone Woman" from his painting - Burning Giraffe (1936 - 1937).

Currently our National Gallery Victoria is exhibiting
Salvador Dali's work. I went to see his painting and other artwork twice and will be going again next week before the exhibition closed.

Dali and Me:

Since I discovered my inclination to write "strange tales" a few years ago and the way I develop stories from viusalisation, I've been scouting drawings & artists for inspiration. Through my reasearch, I found that I was especially drawn to surrealism. And naturally, I can't stay away from Dali. I've known about Dali's exhibition since last June and have been waiting eagerly to view his work in real.

And what an expereince I had! Not only I'm crazily in love with his work, I note that Dali and his paintings begin to zip into my stories. My writings, both plot turn and the prose, are taking on a surreal flavour. I'm wondering where Dali is leading me.


Blasé said...

I'm all about the Tail-Bone of a woman!

Peace and Love

WrightStuff said...

That's a really interesting post. I love the idea that Dali is taking you on a special journey with him. Funnily enough,I bought a book of Dali's paintings the other day (at a car boot sale - 50p, what a bargain!). One of my favourites is The Hallucinogenic Toreador - did you see that one?

Chapter Forty said...

My parents visited Melbourne and the Dali exhibition recently. They loved it and told me about how Dali studied other artists styles before he found his own. Then when he was ready he allowed his dreams to form his paintings. Wish I was going to Melbourne....
Enjoy it for me

Veena said...

Oh,I just love this post. "Tail Bone Woman"!
I love the way art works- in interwebs of inspiration. Enjoy the exhibit :)

Leone said...

Very interesting connection and I love your Dali tangle. I really like the other one but this one is very different and unique. Look forward to seeing where this all leads you.