Tuesday, June 23, 2009

STOS # 4

As I mentioned the problems I had with STOS # 1 (rewrite) on a previous post, I had touched on the fact that I’ve started STOS # 4.

I must have a hidden liking of self-torture. While I was jumping up and down exclaiming the difficulties of working on STOS # 1 (rewrite), I actually felt compel to begin a new story.

When I first developed the series of stories of STOS, I had no idea which one I would work on. I just followed my gut and some how a pattern had emerged. A story will pop out to catch my eyes when I was finishing another story.

Did STOS # 4 follow the same path? Sorry, nope!

After completion of STOS # 3, I went into hiber-mode for about 2 weeks. And within that period, I deliberately stayed away from my writing room and anything related to writing. I concentrated on having fun with “Wreck This Journal”. But there was also some craving going on. I had this great urge to want to read some good old ghost stories. I mean the classics like Wilkie Collins’ “The Woman in White”.

Anyway, I began to search my bookshelves to see if there would be a book of ghost stories which I bought years ago and haven’t read yet. Search result “0”. I became obsessed and prepared to head to the nearby Borders for a book-shopping spree. Then I remembered I had downloaded some free eBook from Project Gutenburg years ago. I combed through the listing quickly and found one of the must read – Turn of The Screw by Henry James!

For years, I mean YEARS, I’ve heard so many people praise about Turn of the Screw and Henry James’ writing. I kept telling myself I needed to read this book. God only knew why I waited this long! The story is fantastic and James is a master storyteller. But nothing compared to below.

I got a jolt right after I finished Chapter 1 of Turn of the Screw. One of the story ideas I had developed for STOS is a ghost story and I’ve always wanted to try my hands on creating one. So, that’s it! Mr. James had picked STOS # 4 for me.

There you go again, stories come to us in all sorts of way.


Holly said...

Agreed. But, I have to say, I didn't love that story so I'll be glad that you found it so inspirational...

laughingwolf said...

g'luck with that, j... and don't get 'spooked' ;)

Hybrid J said...

Hi Holly,

Sorry to hear you didn't like Turn of The Screw. But glad you agree that stories come from everywhere! :)

Hybrid J said...

Hi Laughing Wolf,

Thanks and have to say that I'm already spooked by Jame's story! ;)

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I am very frightened by this story

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