Friday, May 1, 2009

Winner Stands Alone - Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho's latest book "Winner Stands Alone" is on sale in Australia today! HURRAY!! I've been waiting for it forever!

It's a real bummer that I have to work today. (Normally my work days are Mon - Thu only. We got month end report to prepare etc.) Otherwise, I'll be dancing at Jamie's Virutal Party while reading "Winner Stands Alone".

And now I have to wait after work to do all of these OR maybe I could pretend sick and leave now! Oh the things you do for your favourite authors and activities. ;)


KnittingJourneyman said...

At least you don't have to dance alone. :-) I'll be there dancing too--in fact I have been off and on all day already .

If you really get bored, there's something for you on my blog. :-)

Hybrid J said...

Good on you to have it all day already and thanks for the tag. You're are such a generous person. :)