Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome Peggy

Big welcome to Peggy - a strong, wise and loving fellow Aussie who is also a terricfic photographer and scrapbook creator. Peggy, you just become another fellow blogger who brought me closer to my dream of building an online creative community. Thanks you! :D


miruspeg said...

What a lovely welcome sweet, kind soul.

Just arrived home from spending ANZAC Day with my 87 year old Mum and my 97 year old Aunty. We had a wonderful day visiting the crematorium and paying our respects to my father and uncle....we shared a bottle of red wine and toasted them.

Looking forward to being part of your online creative community.


Hybrid J said...

Hi Peggy,

Thanks for the lovely comment and I'm glad that you had a wonderful Anzac day. Mine was about watching the tele for the ceremony and got teary, every year. :)

laughingwolf said...

welcome, peg :D