Thursday, April 23, 2009

TV ... Writing

I was a TV junkie. If I’m not writing or reading, I’ll be slouching on my coach watching TV. This doesn’t mean that I enjoy the TV programmes or even know what I’m watching. It’s a life long habit which requires no conscious decision of my part.

For years, I have a very strong hunch that I’m spending way too much time channel surfing. This is confirmed after I read Randy Paush’s "The Last Lecture" and went to his website to watch his Time Management Lecture. First off, Paush’s book has moved me to tears. I wish I had a lecturer like him when I was younger. His lectures are more than just lectures, they are words of wisdom from a loving and spirited man. I was deeply touched by his passion of imparting his life experience to everyone.

After watching the lecture, I made a mental calculation of just how many hours I spent in front of the box. I won’t bother you with it. It’s just down right disgusting. Paush encourages students to get rid of the TV. That was too much for me. However, I did make an effort to cut down the watching hours significantly. The good thing is I got more free time to work on my writings.

So fellow writers (published or unpublished) and creatives, if you’re looking for more time to write or create, watch less TV!


Holly said...

I'm very glad you came to visit and I hope you'll come again. As a fellow writer, I'm finding that visits to other creative minds is one of the ways I can keep mine active. I'm glad to hear that The Last Lecture had such an impact. I live just outside of Pittsburgh, where Carnegie Mellon University is located. So, this hometown boy is quite the celebretie around these parts...and the world is a little less bright now that he has gone to his next life. See you again!

Sarah said...

AckkkkI don't have as much trouble with the TV as I do with the computer - I can be a real mousepototoe if I'm not careful. I have bookmarked the Randy Paush's site will go watch the piece you mentioned. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for popping by my blog!
Namaste, Sarah

Mousey said...

I have issues with the computer too LOL (see, I am blog hopping when I should be working!)
I save TV viewing for when there is something I really want to watch, or for ABC Kids during school holidays (which I don't watch, but keeps the kids out of my hair for 30 minutes!).
I should probably go and make use of the Night Garden while its on at the moment... the 2 yo is quiet and I could be working ;o)

sophie said...

I completely agree about the television! And not just so you have more time for writing -- you have more time for everything!

That said, sometimes I really just need to blob in front of the TV, and I think it's important to recognise when you need to blob.

But I probably only watch about two hours of TV a week. And I work for a major Australian television network!

Also, just wanted to say a quick thanks for your suggestions on procrastinating. I tried that meditation earlier today (I'm still working on the same essay) and it worked like a charm. I'll be using it more often.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Holly,

Thanks for dropping by and I'm also like you - by visiting other fellow creatives that I got inspired and energized. Synchronicity worked again that I made contact with you who, in a way, is connected to Randy Pausch ... He was a magnificent person! Thanks again for coming and will sure see you again! :)

Hybrid J said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for coming. Glad that TV is not your vice while I'm also like you - computer is my 2nd killer. As soon as I turn it on, I could sit in front of it for hours ... need to find a way to overcome it. Hope you'll find Paush's Time Management Lecture useful. It worked for me! Blessed be :)

Hybrid J said...

Hi Mousey,

Same here that about saving TV viewing for those programmes which I really love. But you know what - there are still many programmes I enjoy ... must become more selective or I'll still end up in front of the box every night. Don't worry, you're not the only one re computer, I'm spending an average of 12 to 14 hrs (incl. p/t work) a day with it. Must develop a better control of this compulsion, hahaha! :D

Hybrid J said...

Hi Sophie,

Agreed with you that though I'm now watching less TV, I'm still watching it to wind down the overactive mind. At the end of the day it is about recognizing what you need. Am really glad that Eric Maisel's "Right Silence" exercise worked for you! No thanks at all. Good luck to your essay! :)