Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Project - Missing You

Firstly, I have to apologize of being late (for 1 day) of this month’s Monday Project.

Secondly, instead of starting a new project, I decided to continue the story of Poppy and her mother.

Thirdly, to make both the reading and writing processes more interesting and challenging, I have included elements from all last projects (titled: "Storybook") to write this episode. These elements were loosely used in the story. I hope this is acceptable by the contributors and invite you (Amanda, Kate & Mr. Sketchy) to locate your "element(s)" from the story below. I intend to keep on developing the story in this manner. Do let me know if you perfer me not to.

(I haven’t included Sophie’s last project for this month as she came up with the project title: "Missing You". I treated it as one element used. But I promise I’ll use Sophie’s April project for next episode due in first Monday of May.)

The invitation also extends to all readers’ of this blog. You can find March projects (Storybook) from below:

Mr. Sketchy’s

First part of Poppy and her mother’s story from here.

As usual, all comments are welcomed. However, do allow me to make an excuse for myself - I wrote the story right after I finished draft of STOS # 1. I wasn't really in good shape to write it. But I tried ... ;)

Let the story begins …

II - Missing

"Ma, wake up!" I could hear Poppy calling me. But I didn’t see her. All I saw was a man sleeping. And then there was the hem of a red dress and next to it was a pair of dirty brown boots. Someone was blowing air to my face. I heard Poppy giggled. "Mame, mame." Little fingers poking my face. I opened my eyes and Poppy planted a big kiss on my cheek. "I knew it was you!" I laughed and held her face close to mine. "How?" asked Poppy. "Because you have the sweetest breath in the world." We both laughed.

I asked Poppy if she wanted to jump into the shower with me. Usually, she would have already rushing to the bathroom. But this morning, she hesitated and stood against the window frowning. "What’s the matter, sweetheart?" I sat down on the bed. "Ma, promise me you won’t be angry?" I wondered what my little girl was up to. Poppy sat down next to me and put something on the bed. "I found this on the mantle place this morning." It was a golden locket with a rose embossed on it. "I think you could open it." I didn’t hear Poppy. I was thinking about the storybook. I ran to the next room and saw the mantle place was empty. The storybook was missing.

I turned around and almost bumped into Poppy. "Did you take the book?" I tried to sound calm but Poppy was already crying. "Stop crying and answer my question!" Poppy shook her head.


7upkels said...

so glad i stumbled my way onto here; lovely writing and lovely blog :) best of luck with your writing!

Hybrid J said...

Hi 7upkels,

Thank you for dropping by and hope to see you again! :)

Mr Sketchy said...

Actaully, I really glad to see you continuing this story. And as for combining elements of the other submissions previous project, I think that's a really great idea.

I look forward to see what next month brings...

Hybrid J said...

Hi Mr Sketchy,

Glad to know that you like my idea of combining previous submissions to write the story. Also thanks for allowing me to use your work :) Hope it won't disappoint you ...

kate said...

i finally got around to checking out your response! sorry its taken me so long, i have been so busy and a little bit lazy!

what a fantastic idea!! i feel so excited about being included hehe

cant wait to read what happens next!! treasure should be an easy one!

Hybrid J said...

Hi Kate,

No worries of being late to check out response! ;) Glad you liked the idea and thanks for allowing me to use your project for story development. Stay tune for the next episode!