Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Leap

I spent a large part of last year planning and preparing to take The Leap this year. That is I plan to quit my part time job, concentrate on developing myself as a writer and totally emerge into the creative life. Then came the world financial crisis, I was unable to take that plunge.

On 15/01 I started this blog out of a whim or that was what I had believed. Three months down the road, I have come to yet another realization of what had prompted me to do this.

In my mind, I was supposed to start a new life at the beginning of this year. But I wasn’t. To ease the frustration, my intuitive self steers me to blogging. During all those months of planning The Leap, a question kept cropping up. What sort of support I need to sustain a writing / creative life? What sort of writing / creative tools I need? What if it doesn’t work?

Blogging serves me well as from recording the ups and downs of being a writer-in-practice and my current writing projects, I’m able to search / test run / develop the tools which I need. Also I’m using this time to develop, establish and fine tune a more routine based working process. This is like a test run of living out a certain part of the creative life. By the time when I could take The Leap, I’ll have some very solid tools to work with plus a more developed writing process.

So far:

The Monday Project had enabled me to develop a new "open" story which will remain for the rest of the year.

Creative Every Day, which I joined over the Easter break, is to serve as an anchor to my writing project (STOS) and daily free writing for this year.

Joined my first book blogging group, The Next Chapter (hosted by Jamie Ridler). We are to work on Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal starting 05/06. Can’t wait for it! I encoruage fellow bloggers all come and join the fun! :)

Continue to write up posts re the progress and discovery I made from each STOS writings.

I’m also recruiting "creativity coaches" and "writing teachers" to guide me through. I’ll be writing about them through out the year.


amanda said...

Wow this is so inspiring. I find it so interesting to follow your process. It makes me feel i should be doing more.

Hybrid J said...

Thanks for such wonderful and encouraging comment. Now that I'm "inspiring" what should I do next to impress my fellow bloggers !!??? :D