Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writerly Obsessions

We all have obsessions, right? So do I ...

Writing Room

Few years ago, I decided to convert my dining room into my writing room. I put up 3 book cases, saved up 9 months for a custom-made L shape table with cherry wood top, a swivel chair with a fancy name for its color - Snap Dragon (aka red) and computer & printer. I imagined sitting in my writing room to write every day. I did but all I saw was the words in front of me. For all I care I could be writing in a toilet! Having said that, I still believe I need a writing room and there's no way I'm going to part with that table!

Book Bag

As a practiced writer, I always carry with me a book or two plus a notebook and all those other womanly essentials (i.e. cosmetic bag, hand cream etc). A purse is of no use to me while a decent size handbag could barely hold all the items I carry. After years of searching and experimenting, I have found a type of soft bag which people use mostly as luggage. It is lightweight and sturdy plus each season, the manufacturer will add new color to the collection, just like fashions! (O.K. you got me! It is the woman inside of me speaking. It's got nothing to do with writing at all!)


I want a MacBook Pro!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the coolest laptop in the world. And it makes me look hmmm hip. Alright, I'm vain ... ;)


amanda said...

I wish I had a writing room. *sigh* one day when I am rich.

sophie said...

Me too! I would love a writing room.

I love the book bags -- perfect size! I have an enormous handbag though, so I have no need for a book bag. I imagine it's probably doing very bad things to my posture though...

Hybrid J said...

Hi Amanda,

Long time no see ... Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have your writing room one day. If not, come and use mine ;)

Cheers and have a wonderful day!

Hybrid J said...

Hi Sophie,

I'm sure you'll get your writing room one day. If not, come and use mine when you're in Melbourne. :)

Thanks for the comments to the bags. They're really my indulgence. And you watch out your neck and back for carrying a big bag, o.k. ;)

Cheers and have a wonderful day!

Drab said...

he he i like the phone books

Hybrid J said...

What? Phone book for Drab. You're crazy and you're one hell of an artist, hahaha! ;)