Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogging & Story Writing

Something rather unexpected and interesting is going on … well at least from my point of view.

It stemmed from several things: a 4-page email I wrote to an overseas friend the other day, my fetish about writers’ writing process and particularly, the advice I got from Girija Tropp’s article (November 2007 Victorian Writer) about her short story writing.

From my reading of various writers’ talk on their processes, it was pretty much “anything goes”. Whereas Tropp emphasizes on “find(ing) out what brings out the best in you and your writing and do it.” That brings back to the email I wrote to my friend.

I was telling my friend that I’m still testing / experiencing what blogging is all about. But I’ve observed that I’ve been working on my stories more regularly and the word count kept rising. I felt like I got some kind of creative kick or energy from blogging which I used it for my creative work. And it might also be the case that since I’ve been talking so often about writing in my blog that I need to make sure I walk my talk. I’m not complaining but this is not what I expected.

Anyhow, if this is the way to keep me working, I’ll keep blogging.


amanda said...

I am glad to hear you are going to keep writing! I am enjoying reading.

Hybrid J said...

Thanks Amanda, glad you're still enjoying this little blog!

laughingwolf said...

keep it up, j... the only way is to do :)

Hybrid J said...

Hi Laughing Wolf,

Thanks for the encouragement. Yeap, keep going ... damn, what that hell is that? A bloody big block! Oh it hurts ... but I'm fine. Yeah, thanks a lot Wolf! :D