Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Do You Write?

I remembered I used to think a lot about why I write.

There was the usual suspect like I have always wanted to be a writer even when I was very young. Or I want to write because I want to share with the world my stories. I came up with all these reasons prior to entering the writing arena. Since then, I stopped thinking about the why but concentrate on the how. I direct all my energy to learning and practicing the craft.

It seemed like I might have lost the reasons in the process. But I don't think so. The fact is I no longer have fixed reasons of why I write. If you ask me now, I'd say I don't know. And I enjoy the fact that I don't know. The not knowing is the best part of writing. The unknown motivates me to go further and deeper to discover what it is all about.

Come to think of it, I don't ever want to know why. I just write and write and write and write.


Miss Maybel said...

When I was at university we had to write a 3000 word paper on this topic. It was the hardest paper i have ever written.

I am enjoying the blog. Keep it up.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Miss Maybel & fellow Melbournian,
Thanks for dropping by and glad that you enjoy this little blog. 3000 words on why I write - I just don't understand how a lecturer could come up with such topic. But you survived! ;) Have a good day and see you round.

Monday said...

I really like your idea about this :) sometimes i definitly get caught up in the why, and forget about the doing!! i think i'm going to try more DOING and less THINKING :)

Hybrid J said...

Hey Monday girls,
Thanks for the lovely comment and glad you find it useful. Enjoy the creative journey and the rest are bonuses. Cheers and have a lovely day!

Lou said...

as simple as: I like to write, so I write. I like to think so I think. I like to read, and I want to write something that people like to read. Whatever which crazy idea hopping in the mind, want to caught it and display it as the form I like and share with the ppl.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Lou,
Nice to have you back again! I write / read / think / create and therefore I am! ;)